Friday, February 27, 2009

Progress is Made continued...

After Sheet-rock is Hung:

This is the view of the door to the back of the house. It's so much brighter now that the walls are white. Its so exciting to finally get an idea of how things are going to look when we're all done.
We may just get to live in a nice house someday!

This is the front "door" this is the one that is going to be converted into a window.

We decided that we were going to put in the "arcitectual" details that Dan is looking at in this pic. We were concerned that there wouldn't be enough support for the house after we took out the bug center wall...we solved this by adding some extra support in the form of a 2x4. Then we had to figure out how to hide it. This was the solution that we came up with...I didn't really like it at first but as work has been progressing it has been slowly growing on me.

We are definitely making progress even though sometimes it seems like its going slower than I would like. The sheet-rock guy has been late for the past two days and that is getting a bit irritating. Dan is definitely more irritated than I am though. He has recently started to really stress about the progress and has since decided that we're just going to start on the kitchen right away rather than waiting until the front is done like we were originally planning. This is all fine by long as it gets done at some point. As far as I'm concerned I've been living in a mess of a house and survived for years now and if I have to live in a bigger mess but get to see results sooner its all the better. They will probably be done with all the sheet-rock and texture by Monday so I will get new pictures and try to post them soon.

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  1. Nice! Love it! Can't wait to hear what you're doing with the kitchen. Love the new site layout too, it's pretty! :)