Friday, January 16, 2009

All the Time Spent

So I love my husband and I love the security that his job provides but sometimes I get irritated at all of the time it takes up. He is a trombone player in the Marine Corps. This may sound like an easy, cushy job and maybe compared to some jobs it is...but, his career takes up a ton of time. He goes on several tours throughout the course of the year and always seems to be traveling somewhere different to play a gig. And that's only the music side of things. He also does all of the stuff that all of regular marines do such as Field training, Martial Arts training, handgun and rifle quals and a ton of other crap. Not to mention all of the times hes been called (sometimes in the middle of the night) when one of the Marines that he's responsible for fucks up. I guess that sometimes I feel like the second fiddle to his job. Its just something that I need to suck up and get used to as its not going to change any time soon. But really, sometimes its hard being the good supportive wife who is happy that her husband has a job that provides for us so well. Sometimes I just want to be selfish and see him for New Years or the 4th of July or even be able to wake up next to him more than 2 days a week. Is it wrong for me to want some of these things? Am I being too selfish and unsupportive?

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