Friday, January 16, 2009

New thing that I'm trying... for some strange reason I've decided to start this blog. This may only last for a day or so, or I may continue rambling on about strange things. At work I just finished working a banquet for a tech company. Some of these people were sooo rude! The time for the last breakfast that we did for them was changed from 8AM to 7AM...unfortunately the e-mail containing this info was never forwarded on. I got to work thinking that I had an hour to prep everything only to find out that we were technically already late. Things were hurriedly set up but the thing that really pissed me off was all the snarky comments that these people made! I was standing right there!...obvoiusly working franticly to try to get everything set up so these people could eat and I had to hear things like: "Well this doesn't look very filling" and "what there's no fritatta?!" I wanted to tell these people off...I mean of course it doesn't look very filling! There is no food on the table yet dumbass! And, no, there is no fucking frittata because your company didn't pay for a frittata for the third day...apparently you weren't important enough to have them pay for all 3 days of frittata. I would hate to see how some of these people live their normal lives. I can imagine their houses with shit just lying around and garbage all over. I understand that I am there to clean up after you and I have little problem doing it. But, seriously did you have to leave that wrapper on the table right next to the garbage can? The can was inches away! Just extend your arm a little further...there! That is one less thing that I have to pick up for you. Now don't get me wrong...not everyone was horrible. There were a couple of people who actually thanked me for all of my hard work and I am sure that there were also some that did clean up after themselves but I do have to say that out of the 70 people that were at that sales meeting, I think that I got 5 thank yous...that's like 7%. I think that I need a new job. At least I will be compensated monetarily for the work I did. Hopefully rather well.

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