Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The house progresses!

Yay! We finally have the money to start fixing up the house! My wonderful husband went out and got a loan so that we can fix up my blunder of a house.

Here's a bit of a backstory:
My house has been in a shambles basically ever since I bought it in December of 2006. I bought it with a now ex-boyfriend (a carpenter) and we were planning on renovating it and reselling it in the hopes that we could make a little extra cash. The ex had just finished demo-ing the front of the house when we broke up. I was then left with a half finished house that was way too big for just me and too torn apart to sell. As my great luck would have it I met my husband in late 2007 and it has now become our problem. He has been great about this whole mess and is now willing to take out a loan under his name only so that we can finally set the house to rights.

I thing that I want to start documenting the progress on the house via this blog. I'll start out with some pics from before I bought it and go from there.


This is the kitchen...it still looks much the same today.

This is the front right side of the house.
The green wall and the walls on the left of the screen are now gone.
That is my realtor in the pic.

This is the front left side of the house.
Like the last pic, the wall with the arch and the walls on the right side of the pic are gone...
as well as that ugly closet type thing on the left side of the screen.


This was taken while we were removing walls.
We took out the center wall that was dividing the two seperate sides of the house.
This gave us one big space to work with.

This was how it looked after we got most of the walls
knocked out and some of the old flooring up.

This is the wood floor that we found...
after Dan peeled up 5 layers of old ugly tile.
We will eventually have this refinished.

This is the bedroom that Dan framed out.
There is a really nice closet that will be paneled with cypress that we saved.
This is what the house looks like today.

So this is the starting point. I'll try to keep up with the posting as things progress. I have called the contractor and started the ball rolling there. I am waiting on a written quote and if everything looks good, work should start in here in the next few weeks.

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